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This system is very useful for factories having their own canteens. The transactions can be done cashless with the help of this system. Every employee is credited virtually money in his account at the start of month. For transaction in the canteen the employee will use his RF card. The corresponding amount will be debited to his account. If the amount is reduced in his account in the middle of the month, he can get the top up from the HR Department.

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You can choose to purchase your health insurance through an independent agent, a health insurance company, or through a health insurance exchange. You are free to use any wallet or exchange do you need a computer to mine cryptocurrency UK you like. If you're looking to invest in cryptocurrencies but don't have much experience with this type of investment or don't have much money to spare, then you should probably invest in something else.

Thus the total amount spent during the month is deducted from his salary. In this way there is no need of any cash handling. Moreover this system will also help to maintain the inventory record.


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