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Latest Technology

Our Automatic Digital School Bell is designed as per latest technology. It is very easy to use. Try out the demo today & experince the latest technological features yourself. You can Contact us for FREE DEMO.

Dual Functions

Our Automatic Digital School Bell will not only serve the school bell ringing only, but also works as an Announcement system. We have multiple bells or PA Systems with multiple features. We have all Mobile App Controlled Bells.

Mobile Compatibility

Our Automatic Digital Bells are comaptible with all Android mobiles. It is Easy to operate with Onista App will help you to schedule your bell in a very easy way. Our App has user friendly software interface.

Automatic School Bell Timer

With the technological revolution, its necessary to update our systems with latest technology. Choosing this PA System with School Bell will help you to move forward & ease the daily operations making it system driven in place of human dependent resources. Our Digital Bells consist of high quality materials at very Affordable Prices

Digital School Bell

PA system with School bell

  • Bell Scheduler Programming through Mobile phone
  • File Storage inside SD Card
  • Schedule or Play Shabad, Mantra or any song inpre school timing
  • Prayers can be set according to your school requirement
  • Time Setting through Mobile phone
  • No need of any external Amplifier
  • Scheduler report in PDF format can be generatedon Mobile or exported via Email or Whats App
  • High Quality material at very affordable cost

PA system with School bell

Gone are the days for traditional Manual Bell Ringing System or Gong Bell. Now switch over to Digital Era of Electronics. Introducing ONISTA Digital School Bell System with inbuilt Announcement Mic.

PA System With School bell Features

Installing our Automatic digital bell system means getting multi-fold benefits with Ease of Work, Accuracy, Immediate & effective communication & saving of precious man hours.

Mobile App

Scheduler Programming is very easy through Mobile App

Time Setting

Control Panel Timing can be adjusted though Mobile App

File Access

Music Files are stored in SD card. So easy to Access for modifying

USB Port

USB port helps to Access SD card files . Also pen Drive can be plugged in here

Inbuilt SOS Messages

Three SOS messages are stored in SD card. This can be reconfigured.

Integration with Existing Speakers

This system can be attached with existing Speakers through Amplifier

Inbuilt Mic/ External Mic

It has got Inbuilt Mic for Announcement. External Mic attachment Provision is also there

Inbulit Amplifer

No need of any external Amplifier. It has got inbuilt Amplifier

Horn Speakers

8 Horn/Column Speakers can be attached with this system

Battery Back Up

It has got Inbuilt Charger & battery for backup for 7 hours.

Scheduler Report

Bell Scheduler Report can be generated in PDF & can be shared via mail or whats app

File Format

It supports MP3 music file.

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

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