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Announcement System is a very Essential Communication means for Schools & industries. Especially Zone based announcement makes this system very effective by communicating to a particular zone, without disturbing the other areas.

Earlier for zone division there used to be number of wires equivalent to no. of speakers installed. So if 100 speakers are installed 100 wires would be required & for two way communication there would be 200 wires required. Thus making  the Office a power house with so many wires.

But with technological innovation we have introduced single wire Zone based system which can control 255 speakers over a wire distance of 2km. Not only this , the same wire will help to have two way communication with the selected zone.

This system is very ideal for schools where each class can be a separate zone with two way communication system. Different type of speakers like Horn speaker, Column speaker or Box speaker can be used depending upon the type of area.

Very Easy Installation

Main Features

The Announcement can be made in the following three Categories

  • One to One : Two way communication between Principal & Selected class.
  • One to Group : Announcement to a selected group of classes.
  • One to All : Announcement to all the speaker terminals.
  • Two Way Communication
  • Audio Recording
  • Text to Speech Announcement
  • Acknowledgement
  • Audio File Play
  • SOS  Messages
  • Speaker Testing from Control Unit
  • Scheduler for any music file or School Bell
  • Volume control of speakers from Central Control Unit (CCU)
  • Volume Control of Mic from Central Control System (CCU)
  • Integration with DVR to see the video of Selected class along with Audio
  • Wireless Mic as well as Corded Mic
  • Any Size LCD can be connected to CCU over HDMI or VGA port


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